Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Strum My Heart-Strings Challenge - Day 2

Good morning!  Today's prompt for The Lacquered Landlubber's Strum My Heart-Strings challenge is french tip technique.  French tips are definitely one style you won't see on my blog very often.  Because my nails are typically short and sort of a squoval shape, I'm not a big fan of how french tips look on my nails.  I prefer how they look on square shaped nails...and I'm always disappointed when mine don't look they way I envision they would...

However, I really like how these turned out!  This challenge was probably the hardest for me to brainstorm, because I was so undecisive as to what I would do.  I actually just finished them last night!  So for once, you're actually seeing a mani on the blog while it's still on my nails...which doesn't happen very often!

For this mani, I started with a base of Milani Digital, from their 3D holographic line that was out a little over a year ago.  I actually won this polish in a giveaway, and it inspired me to go back and pick up several more of the 3D holo polishes...though I'm still missing the green and gold polishes!  Then, using striping tape, I taped off the tips on each nail and painted one coat of Piggy Polish Beach Break.  Beach Break also has tiny holographic glitters in it, but it isn't as dense as Digital.

I still felt this mani needed a little something...so I decided to add silver dots along the edge of the french tip to add interest.  I used the small end of a dotting tool to dot Sally Hansen Pumping Iron.  Overall, this isn't the most festive V-Day mani, but I thought the colors were appropriate in case you didn't want to go the sterotypical heart nail art route.  And as you can see, my thumb nail is finally making its re-appearance!  It's still on the short side, and is especially rounded compared to the other nails, but I wanted to show a macro shot of this mani so that you can see all the holo sparklies!

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with how this mani turned out, especially since I'm not a big fan of french tips.  I definitely love these colors together and I think that contributed to my love of this mani.  I wish the silver dots showed up a little bit better, but since I took these pictures using flash, the holo kind of took over.  In natural light, they are much more visible.

Check out the other french tip manis below!



  1. What??!! French tips look amazing on you!! and I love these red sparkly nails, 2 of my favorite things red and sparkly lol now I'm on the search for some piggly polish

    1. Thank you!! :D

      I got mine at Ulta on a BOGO sale.

  2. I am drooling on the color on your tip... and the sparkle ahh and the french :) great job!

  3. You ROCKED these. Absolutely gorgeous! I love all the glitter you used, they look soooo crazy sparkly and gorgeous!

  4. These look *awesome*!!!! Perfect color combinations and they look totes adorbs on you! ;o)


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