Saturday, February 15, 2014

Strum My Heart-Strings Challenge - Day 6

Today is the final day of The Lacquered Landlubber's Strum My Heart-Strings challenge!  Yippee, I made it!  I am seriously looking forward to going back to my three-day a week posting and only one challenge!  This challenge made for a busy week, but it was fun!  Today's theme is Anti-Valentine.

I actually really love this mani!  The polish I used for the base of the Hot Topic Blackheart polish "Blood" - doesn't it look just like blood?!  The first coat went on a little streaky, and it really looked like blood then.  A second coat smoothed it out perfectly.  My mother in law picked this up for me for my birthday - I love it because it isn't a color I would've picked up on my own, but I love it!  It's also fitting that I wear this polish today, since it's her birthday!  The below picture shows it being a bit brighter red than it really is, Blood is definitely more of an oxblood, almost maroon color.

I then used a small dotting tool and an unnamed LA Girl black polish to add the hearts on my accent nail.  I think blood and black hearts is pretty "anti-Valentine's day"-y.  Or maybe its just kind of emo?  Either way, this is a fun mani and I enjoyed doing it, especially since it fell a little out side my comfort zone.

Thank you to everyone for sticking with me through this week of Valentine's Day manis, and I'm sure you're as sick of looking at them as I am!  Have a great rest of your weekend!



  1. I love the nails Sarah but also can't get over how much I love that polish bottle! I need it in my life!!! :) xx

    1. Thanks Sam! I have a whole bunch of these skull bottle polishes - Hot Topic here in the US sells them. Do ya'll have Hot Topic in the UK?


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