Saturday, March 29, 2014

Twin Nails - Leopard Print

Good morning!  This is my first time participating in a Twin Nails post - if you're interested in joining us next time around, join the Facebook group!  For this month's challenge, the theme was animal print.  After each group was matched, we were assigned a different animal print.  My twinsie this month is Heather from I Feel Polished!  We were assigned leopard print (which I was super thankful for!), and decided to go the non-traditional route and use fun colors and textures for our leopard manis.

We started with a neon yellow base.  I used Broadway Sunshine Disco for my base (layered over white of course).   Then we created the leopard print using Zoya Pixie Dusts Dhara and Sunshine.  This is such a bright and fun manicure, perfect for summer.  I'll definitely be recreating this mani on my toes at some point this summer!

My only major complaint with the way my nails turned out, is how big and close together the spots are.  I tried doing one color at a time, but unfortunately that resulted in the spots being really close together.  To make my leopard spots, I used the large end of a dotting tool to add the center color, and once that had dried I added the "c" shapes around the spots using the small end of the dotting tool.

Overall, I had such a good time coming up with this design and working on it with Heather!  I am definitely looking forward to next month's Twin Nails!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

FingerFood's Theme Buffet Week 12 - Freestyle

Hello!   Today’s post features a little less nail art than some of the other manis that the other gals have already posted.   But I figured with this week’s theme being “Freestyle” I could really do whatever I wanted.

This mani is the one I wore this weekend when I participated in the 8.5 mile walk for March of Dimes.  The March of Dimes is an organization committed to helping mothers and babies – more specifically, babies born prematurely.  All money raised by the March of Dimes goes to providing better equipment in hospitals to take care of premature babies and research to help prevent future premature births.

For more information about the March of Dimes and to find a walk in your area click here.  Also, here is a look at our team!  We walked with Target of Gainesville (my boyfriend’s employer) and overall the team raised over $2700!  Onto the nails!

Since the March of Dimes color is a pastel purple, I decided I wanted go with one of my untrieds – Avon  Bon Voyage Violet.  As part of my birthday gifts from my parents, I picked out a few Avon polishes and my mom ordered them for me.  Since I didn’t see her again until last weekend, I finally got them!

Bon Voyage Violet is a great color and applied smoothly in two coats.  I then added a small dot of clear polish at the top of each nail and applied a light purple rhinestone.  After that, I added a thick layer of Seche Vite to hold on the rhinestones.  The rhinestones, ended up looking more clear than purple, but I knew they were purple!  I didn’t have any clear in the size I wanted to use, so I ended up using the less-contrasting light purple.  The rhinestones were super pretty in the sun though!

Although this is a simple manicure, it was perfect for the event and all the rhinestones hung on securely.  I had wanted to do a ribbon shape on the accent nail using the rhinestones, but I simply didn’t have the time!  Thank you again to everyone for bearing with me during my transition to my new job.  I will have one other post this week, so keep an eye out for that!  Otherwise I’ll see y’all next week for the Mother’s Day theme!


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

FingerFood's Theme Buffet Week 11 - St. Patrick's Day

Hello everyone!  I’m sorry I’ve been so scarce around here lately.  I started my new job last Friday and have been super busy training and then I went out of town last weekend!  I am planning to take a small hiatus over the next few weeks while I get settled into my job.  I have always posted while at work, after blogging and editing pictures at home.  Until I get a feel for how everything will run (I don’t even have my own computer yet!), I won’t be able to post from work and have limited time to do so in the evenings. 
My goal is to stick with Fingerfood’s Theme Buffet challenge and post once a week.  I will likely still paint my nails every few days, but I’m also not doing any wild and crazy colors or nail art until I get a better feel for the office atmosphere.  Hopefully during this time I’ll generate a backlog of posts to use in the future!  But onto today’s mani!

Today’s St. Patrick’s Day themed nails are pretty much a fail in my book.  Being of Irish descent, I always love St. Patrick’s Day and dressing up and wearing green.  Because St. Patrick’s Day fell on day two at the new job, I didn’t particularly want to have green nails…while everyone was just getting to know me – since I do work in a fairly professional environment!  So I did these when I came home from work Monday night.

In my head, the hearts in Kleancolor Peaceful Heart were much greener and not teal as they look in this photo.  It also could be because I placed them over a neon green polish. The polish I used for the base is an unnamed neon green skull polish from Hot Topic.  I then did the double accent nail of shamrocks made up of heart-shaped glitter picked out of Peaceful Heart.  I then layered Peaceful Heart (be careful to avoid any additional hearts) on the other three nails.  I then added a short stem for the shamrocks, which unfortunately smeared when I applied topcoat.

I really wish I could’ve done a better job with these nails.  I love St. Patrick’s Day, and I just hate that I had to miss out on a lot of the festivities – though I did wear a green shirt!  Check out some of the gorgeous manis the other gals posted below!



Wednesday, March 12, 2014

FingerFood's Theme Buffet Week 10 - Dots and Stripes

Hello!  Boy, this week has been crazy!  Tomorrow is my final day at my current job and I start my new job on Friday!  I will do my best to have posts up on my usual M/W/F schedule, but over the next few weeks while I'm settling into my new job, they may be intermittent.  Just preparing everyone!

For this mani, I started with a base of OPI My Vampire is Buff.  Y'all probably won't believe this, but this is my first real OPI!  Of course I had the original black shatter (before it dried up) and many of the liquid sand polishes, but I've never had a regular polish from OPI.  And now I know why everyone loves them - the formula is absolutely fabulous.  I want to blow the rest of my Ulta giftcards purely on OPIs!  I'm so glad I picked up My Vampire is Buff - I have been looking for a good neutral color as a base for nail art.  And I was depressed after I passed on My Boyfriend Scales Walls when I saw it in a Burlington a few months ago...

Then, using Essie Peach Daiquiri, the large end of my dotting tool, and a nail art brush, I added the dots and stripes!  I wanted something simple, yet eye-catching!  I felt very much like I was wearing pop art on my nails the whole time!  Apparently I need to get a new nail art brush since the fibers are starting to separate and caused my stripes to look streaky.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the way this came out.  It was nice to have bright nail art over a nude polish - I'm definitely going to have to do some nude and neon nail art this summer!  I'm pretty proud of myself because I was able to keep some semblance of a pattern going on my dotted nails, instead of just dotting randomly across the nail - and even my stripes are fairly straight.  This design was pretty simple, but the perfect amount of nail art given my busy schedule!


Monday, March 10, 2014

Nails Inc. Hampstead

Hello!  In last Friday's post, I mentioned that I had a bit of a shopping spree a little over a week ago.  Well, I ended up in Sephora - yes, my first ever trip to Sephora - and picked up a few Nails Inc. polishes that were on clearance.  One of them, Hampstead, I'll be featuring here today.

According to the bottle, Hampstead is a "Beaded Polish."  I had a feeling this meant it would be textured, but since I'm not familiar with the Nails Inc. brand at all I wasn't sure.  I just knew it was a super pretty coral jelly with lots of glitter!  Indeed, Hampstead is a textured polish, but boy do I wish it wasn't!

This polish, like the Essie I tried, is very, very rough.  If you like smoother textured polishes, then I do not recommend this polish.  It was very scratchy to the touch, and even after a day or so of wear, it was still very rough.  I likely won't wear this polish again, unless it's on my toes.

As you can see the in macro - this polish is glitter packed!  However, due to the sheer quantity of glitter and textured particles, it makes the polish very rough.  You can also see in the macro how the textured bits sort of look like little air bubbles.  They weren't super noticeable on my hands, but it definitely looked weird in that photo.  I did one thin coat, and then one thick coat for this mani.  I really wish this wasn't a textured polish - it would be so pretty!  I don't even want to think about the number of layers of topcoat it would take to smooth this mani out.  I absolutely love this color of polish, just not the texture!

Friday, March 7, 2014

FingerFood's Theme Buffet Week 9 - Flowers

Whew!  Nothing like waiting until the end of the week to post my FingerFood Theme Buffet mani!  As I mentioned Wednesday, things have been pretty crazy in my personal life, and while I have been painting my nails, doing nail art, taking pictures, and blogging has kind of fallen to the back seat.  I've already got a few posts on the back-burner for next week, so hopefully once I start my new job I won't go completely MIA.

Anywho!  This week's prompt was flowers.  And let me just start by saying there is some fantastic manis for this challenge - so PLEASE check out the link up below.  By posting so late in the week, I've had the opportunity to see everyone else's manis before I did mine and before it was posted.  I truly wish I had had more time to do something a little more involved for this challenge, but it's flowers none the less.

So last week I went on a little bit of a shopping spree and picked up five new-to-me polishes.  The new polish I'm featuring today is Pure Ice Home Run, the mint base for this mani.  I am always drawn to teal and turquoise shades, but I never manage to pick up a pastel I have several polishes that very similar (think Zoya Wednesday).  When I saw Home Run, I had to get it since it was exactly what I had been hoping to pick up at some point.

Home Run has a GREAT formula!  It was a one-coater!  Though it went on a little thick, it was easy to apply and had great coverage after just one coat.  I then added a layer of Seche Vite and went to town on the flowers.  For the flowers I used The Color Shop French White and LA Colors Shock.  I'm pretty sure Shock was an untried for me.  I've had it for awhile (I think the boyfriend randomly picked it up for me one time), but I don't recall ever wearing it since I'm not big on yellow.  I used the small end of my dotting tool to dot the flowers on each nail

Overall, I really love this color combination.  This mani was fun and really simple to do.  If you're interested in joining us in the future, the new prompts for April through June have been posted on the Facebook page!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Zoya Carter

I apologize for the lack of posts in the last week and a half, but I have a good reason - I got a new job!  Things have been super hectic at work preparing for my departure.  I'm so excited to start my new job on March 14.  Since I'll be new in that office, I will likely be sharing some more conservative looks in the first few weeks of my new job until I get comfortable and get a feel for how bold I can go with my nails.

But back to the nails!  Today, I'll be showing you my second Zoya Pixie Dust polish, Carter.  Carter is a fantastic red-based purple, though in my pictures it definitely appears to lean more blue.  I finally found a shade of purple that my camera absolutely hates! 

I absolutely love the texture of the Pixie Dusts, just enough texture without being super scratchy and catching on everything.  Carter's formula was great, and went on in two coats.  I do recommend doing thin coats to allow for a faster dry time.  The first coat I did was a little too thick on some nails.  Carter is a great color and certainly one I'll be wearing on my toes at some point this summer!  I will have my flower mani for FingerFood's Theme Buffet challenge on the blog on Friday as I finished it last night!

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