Wednesday, March 19, 2014

FingerFood's Theme Buffet Week 11 - St. Patrick's Day

Hello everyone!  I’m sorry I’ve been so scarce around here lately.  I started my new job last Friday and have been super busy training and then I went out of town last weekend!  I am planning to take a small hiatus over the next few weeks while I get settled into my job.  I have always posted while at work, after blogging and editing pictures at home.  Until I get a feel for how everything will run (I don’t even have my own computer yet!), I won’t be able to post from work and have limited time to do so in the evenings. 
My goal is to stick with Fingerfood’s Theme Buffet challenge and post once a week.  I will likely still paint my nails every few days, but I’m also not doing any wild and crazy colors or nail art until I get a better feel for the office atmosphere.  Hopefully during this time I’ll generate a backlog of posts to use in the future!  But onto today’s mani!

Today’s St. Patrick’s Day themed nails are pretty much a fail in my book.  Being of Irish descent, I always love St. Patrick’s Day and dressing up and wearing green.  Because St. Patrick’s Day fell on day two at the new job, I didn’t particularly want to have green nails…while everyone was just getting to know me – since I do work in a fairly professional environment!  So I did these when I came home from work Monday night.

In my head, the hearts in Kleancolor Peaceful Heart were much greener and not teal as they look in this photo.  It also could be because I placed them over a neon green polish. The polish I used for the base is an unnamed neon green skull polish from Hot Topic.  I then did the double accent nail of shamrocks made up of heart-shaped glitter picked out of Peaceful Heart.  I then layered Peaceful Heart (be careful to avoid any additional hearts) on the other three nails.  I then added a short stem for the shamrocks, which unfortunately smeared when I applied topcoat.

I really wish I could’ve done a better job with these nails.  I love St. Patrick’s Day, and I just hate that I had to miss out on a lot of the festivities – though I did wear a green shirt!  Check out some of the gorgeous manis the other gals posted below!



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