Monday, March 10, 2014

Nails Inc. Hampstead

Hello!  In last Friday's post, I mentioned that I had a bit of a shopping spree a little over a week ago.  Well, I ended up in Sephora - yes, my first ever trip to Sephora - and picked up a few Nails Inc. polishes that were on clearance.  One of them, Hampstead, I'll be featuring here today.

According to the bottle, Hampstead is a "Beaded Polish."  I had a feeling this meant it would be textured, but since I'm not familiar with the Nails Inc. brand at all I wasn't sure.  I just knew it was a super pretty coral jelly with lots of glitter!  Indeed, Hampstead is a textured polish, but boy do I wish it wasn't!

This polish, like the Essie I tried, is very, very rough.  If you like smoother textured polishes, then I do not recommend this polish.  It was very scratchy to the touch, and even after a day or so of wear, it was still very rough.  I likely won't wear this polish again, unless it's on my toes.

As you can see the in macro - this polish is glitter packed!  However, due to the sheer quantity of glitter and textured particles, it makes the polish very rough.  You can also see in the macro how the textured bits sort of look like little air bubbles.  They weren't super noticeable on my hands, but it definitely looked weird in that photo.  I did one thin coat, and then one thick coat for this mani.  I really wish this wasn't a textured polish - it would be so pretty!  I don't even want to think about the number of layers of topcoat it would take to smooth this mani out.  I absolutely love this color of polish, just not the texture!

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