Monday, April 21, 2014

FingerFood's Theme Buffet Week 16 - Gothic

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter yesterday, if you celebrated.  My mother in law cooked a big dinner, but nothing too fancy.  One of our outside cats had kittens though, so that was fun.  Today’s theme is gothic.  This prompt was definitely a bit of a challenge for me, but I was able to come up with a mani I really liked.

I started with a red base on all nails, except for the accent nail, using Sephora by OPI And a Cherry on Top.  I went with two coats of polish, though I probably could’ve used a third to make it completely opaque.  But since I knew I would be adding black over top, two was sufficient.  For my accent nail, I did one coat of Sally Hansen Lick-O-Rich, from the original Sugar Coat line.

For this mani, I decided to try a variation on the saran-wrap method of sponging polish onto the nail.  This time, I coated each nail in one coat of an unnamed LA Girls black polish and then used a piece of saran wrap to sponge-off the black polish.  This technique allows for more of the second polish to show, compared to the sponge-on technique.  Once that dried, I added a thick layer of topcoat to blend the two colors together more and to allow for me to apply a small black rhinestone at the base of each nail.

I'm not entirely sure why the color became so much brighter on the macro when I uploaded it to Blogger...

Overall, I really love how this mani turned out.  Unfortunately, it looked way cooler in real life than it does in these pictures.  The texture versus shiny finish on the nails also kind of freaked my camera out, so that’s why either the shiny nail or the textured nail is slightly blurry.  I am excited to share that I should have three posts a week for the next two weeks or so!  I'm slowly but surely getting back in the game here! :)



  1. I like the colors you used to create this wonderful mani well done :)

  2. Those red nails are so cool looking, particularly when you see up close how you got that sort of mottled look <3 Looks great!


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