Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Twin Nails - Secondary Colors

Hello!  I'm so excited to be sharing with you my second Twin Nails post!  This month Morven from Pretty Quirky and I were paired together and given the theme of "secondary colors."  After we both confessed to googling what secondary colors were (orange, purple, and green - the colors that the primary colors make), we got to work picking out a design.  We decided to do colorblocking and used this mani by Adventures in Acetone as inspiration.

We decided that we would each use all three colors and interpret the design in our own way and the see what we each came up with in the end!  I think it's pretty cool that both of our manis fit into the "twins" theme, but are each unique and different!  I guess you could say we did fraternal twin nails. ;)

I chose to use bright shades of our assigned colors, fitting for the Spring season.  The colors I used are:
  • Nicole by OPI Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary (orange)
  • Nicole by OPI Sweet on Pete (green)
  • Ulta Tutu Cute (purple)

I started with a base of Sweet on Pete on all my nails, with the exception of my accent nail.  After that dried, I used striping tape to block off for the orange, and then for the purple, waiting for each layer of polish to dry in between.  The only reason I didn't do an inverse of the color pattern on the accent nail is because the purple was very dark, and would not have shown the true color of either of the other two polishes.  I really like the way I did it though. :)

The only thing I would do differently if I were to redo this mani, would be to add a layer of Seche Vite after each layer of nail polish.  You can see where the striping tape pulled up a little bit of the base polish on each nail.  In real life, I didn't even notice this - it wasn't until I was editing the pictures.  Not a big problem, but something I would definitely change for next time.

Overall, I really love both of our interpretations of this mani - we both kind of let our creativity run wild!  Be sure to check our Morven's post here.  I love these twinsie posts and look forward to doing more in the future!  If you're interested in joining us, be sure to join the Facebook group.



  1. These look great! I love how the different shades you guys used make the two manis look so different! Nice job!


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