Wednesday, May 7, 2014

FingerFood's Theme Buffet Week 18 - Oriental

Hello!  Today I have my Oriental mani for FingerFood's Theme Buffet.  Even though I know cherry trees can grow all over the world, whenever I see cherry blossoms, I automatically think of Japan.  So, I decided to do cherry blossoms for my oriental mani - fitting for the theme and the season!

I started with a base of Pure Ice Home Run, which I have used before, in this mani, which, coincidentally, is also a flower design!  I love this beautiful mint shade - it's nearly a one-coater creme, but I applied a second coat for good measure.

I then used a striping brush and an unnamed LA Girls black polish to create the branches.  I had planned on using my LA Colors black striping polish, but found it was completely dried out!  So I guess I'll be getting a new one soon...luckily they're only a dollar!  Once the branches were dry, I used my dotting tool to add varying sizes of light pink dots using Nicole by OPI How Fairy Nice of You!.  Once those dried, I went back and added dark pink dots using Nicole by OPI Tink's In the Pink over the larger light pink dots.  I used this mani by Squeaky Nails as inspiration.

There are really some gorgeous (and intricate!) cherry blossom manicures out there, but I wanted mine to be simple.  This is actually the first non-subtle nail art I've worn to work since starting my new job.  And seriously EVERYONE in the office complimented me on them and wanted to know where I got my nails done or if they were stickers.  They couldn't believe it when I said I did them myself.  and to think this isn't the most intricate mani I've ever done...let alone some of the other beautiful work done by my fellow nail art enthusiasts.

One fun fact about this mani is that the total cost of all the polishes used is $4.  I got the two NOPIs on clearance at Walgreens for fifty cents each!  A steal considering full price they are $7-8.  I'm also trying to make an effort to use more untrieds in my manis, and both of the NOPIs qualify as untrieds.  Hope everyone is having a happy hump day!



  1. I love your cherry blossom :) !
    And wow! I really need to visit America and stock up on Polishes!!

  2. I really love how this turned out <3 I saw the thumbnail and thought "Hey! It looks like the Arizona Green Tea bottle!* <3 I think you did an amazing job of making an elaborate design, but still doing it simply. The dots work perfect for cherry blossoms <3

    1. Thank you! I definitely kept the Arizona tea bottle in mind when I picked the background color! :)

  3. that mint shade is gorgeous as is your blossoms lovely job! xxx


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