Monday, May 19, 2014

Jindie Nails - Femme Fire

Today I have Femme Fire, a beautiful glitter-packed crelly by Jindie Nails.  I won a giveaway earlier this year, where I was able to pick out four Jindie Nails polishes of my choice!  You can see the four I picked out (and a swatch of Check the Candy) here.  Femme Fire is one of Jen's very early polishes, if I remember correctly.  I've been following Jindie Nails' progress for almost two years, and purchased from her in 2012 - one of my favorite polishes Chomp Chomp.  Unfortunately, Chomp Chomp and other sports team-themed polishes from that time period are no longer available, but I always encourage you to check out what she has for sale currently!

Femme Fire is a bubblegum pink crelly polish full of red, orange, and yellow hex glitter in varying sizes.  There was absolutely no fishing at all for the larger glitters.  This polish has sat since about January without being moved - I held it upside down for 5-10 minutes prior to polishing, and I had absolutely no problem getting any of the glitter out.  This was three coats, only because it was slightly patchy in a few spots and I wanted to eliminate any visible nail line.  There is seriously crazy amounts of glitter in this polish!

I wore this polish for three days!  I still had only minimal tip wear, and only one chip by the time I took it off!  This photos were after day two, which is why there is tip wear on my index and middle fingers.  I love this color, and it's definitely a great Spring-Summer transition polish...especially considering it already feels like Summer here in Florida!  My six year old cousin loved this polish as well and has asked me to paint her nails with "the polka dot polish" when she visits this summer. :)

I absolutely adore all of Jen's polishes that I've tried.  They all have fantastic formulas with great glitter payout.  Be sure to check out to check her current inventory.  And here is a direct link to Femme Fire!  I'll be back on Wednesday with my galaxy nails - I can't wait to share them with you!


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