Friday, May 9, 2014

Nicole by OPI Roughles - Rock the Look

Yes, I'm back with Rock the Look sooner than I expected!  I had kind of a lazy week with nail art and only prepared the manis for upcoming challenges next week, and didn't really do any just for the heck of it.  I wore Rock the Look last week.  And as you can see, I'm no longer wearing the false nails.  You may have noticed it before, since some of the manis I have posted have had the falsies and some were my real nails.  But I have now posted all manis done while wearing the falsies, so it's back to being my real nails now!

Even though On What Grounds? was my favorite polish from the Roughles Collection, prior to owning it, so far I really think Rock the Look is my favorite between the two. Where On What Grounds? had a bit of a chalky finish to it, I really feel like Rock the Look was much more creamy and textured.  I definitely think I'm a bigger fan of the creme/matte textured polishes instead of the glitter/sparkly variety.

Both these polishes have great wear time and I love the speckled look they have, which is so different from the other textured polishes out there right now.  This is two coats of Rock the Look, with base coat and no top coat.  Rock the Look is a pastel pink with red and black flecks in it. 

Overall, I love all of the Roughles polishes I have tried out so far, and am so glad I found the entire collection.  Speaking of - I know I mentioned the Kmart I purchased them was sold out the last time I was in there, well a CVS on the opposite side of town that I rarely go in, had a full display when I was in there Wednesday.  So they do still exist out there - and if anyone wants me to pick them up, give me a holler!  Anywho, now that I've interrupted my own blog post, I hope everyone has a great weekend and I want to wish all the mothers out there, especially my own, a Happy Mother's Day!


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