Friday, June 20, 2014

Disasterpiece Polish: Snuff

**disclosure: purchased at a discounted rate for review**
Happy Friday!  Today I have my second polish purchase from a new indie brand: Diasterpiece Polish!  On Monday I reviewed Circus for a Psycho, a pink crelly glitter polish - so be sure to check it out in case you missed it.  Today's featured polish is Snuff!

Snuff is also a part of the "Are You Listening? Vol.1" collection, which is inspired by Julianne's favorite songs from the rock genre.  Snuff is inspired by the song of the same name by the band Slipknot.  Here is Julianne's description of Snuff:
"Snuff is a perfect match to this song.  At first glance this polish is a beautiful greyed out blavender (blue + lavender).  But upon a closer look you'll find a subtle blue and red shimmer."
I definitely agree with that description!  It was definitely the gorgeous shimmer in this polish that drew it to me originally!  I love what seems to be a simple polish, that packs a something extra in!  In indirect lighting this polish tends to look grey, but in the sun and upon closer examination the shimmer absolutely lights up!  I typically save my macro shot for the end of the post, but I'm including it now, because my other pictures just don't do this polish justice!  You can definitely see the blue and red shimmer, which almost combine to look purple!

I absolutely love this polish and am so glad I picked it out.  In fact, I am still wearing it now!  Snuff has amazing formula - not too thick or too thin!  I had no trouble applying it and actually thought from examining it in the bottle it would take many coats to build up opacity but it didn't!  I could have been safe with two coats, but added three since I would be taking photos.  This is definitely a polish that you could wear year round as well (not that I conform to such notions), as it is close enough to a pastel to pass in Spring and a lovely cool shade for fall and winter.  I know I will be wearing this polish a lot!

You can buy Snuff for $9.00 in the Disasterpiece Polish Etsy and Storenvy shops.  Be sure to check out her other polishes, as well as follow her on social media!  Have a great weekend!

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