Friday, June 27, 2014

#HePicksMyPolish - June 2014

Happy Friday!  I'm so excited for the weekend - even though I don't have any plans!  Today, I have this month's installment of #HePicksMyPolish.  Again, I set my boyfriend the task of picking out polishes for me to create a mani with.  This month, he picked out Sally Hansen Color Foil Sterling Silver, Sinful Colors Cinderella, and Zoya Yvette.  Overall, pretty reasonable picks.

I started with Yvette on my index, middle and pink nails, and followed with Cinderella as accent nails on my ring and thumb.  You may be familiar with the craze that happened a few years ago concerning Cinderella.  It has a lovely pink shimmer in it, but a formula that takes three coats to build to opacity.  During the craze, I picked it up the first chance I found it, but have never worn it until now.  Yvette and Cinderella have very different formulas with Yvette being a brushtroke-y shimmer.  Luckily the pink shimmer in Cinderella sort of tied it all together!

Since I am working on stamping, and I decided to use Sterling Silver since I heard the Color Foil line was great to stamp with.  It definitely took a little bit of work to pick up the image.  I used the harder, less-squishy Konad stamper (I usually use the squishy Salon Perfect stamper) and was able to pick up the images.  The plate I used is from the Hollywood Nails kit my mom got me for Christmas (I didn't make note of the name of the plate - sorry!).  I'm not sure if the image was not etched very well, or if it was a result of using the Color Foil polish, but I found I had to clean the stamp plate more often as the polish was not filling the entire image (see middle finger nail).

(And on a side note - after stamping this image on my kind of reminded me of Frank from Donnie Darko...which was a little freaky...)

Overall, I do like this mani, and I'm glad he took it easy on me.  I am trying to get better at stamping but don't really have any full-nail designs.  Does anyone have any plates they recommend for beginners?  I'm on a limited budget, and don't want to invest a whole lot on plates I'll never use!  Or struggle to use anyway!  Hope y'all have a great weekend!



  1. He picked such great colours. This is fab!
    I really like the MoYou London plates (not sure of the prices in the US). I like the designs that cover the entire plate so then you can get a little more creative with what you stamp and it works on short or longer nails x

    1. Thank you! I have been looking at the MoYou plates, especially since they release new plates relatively often. Maybe my next paycheck I'll go ahead and take the plunge! Thank you for your input! :)

  2. I love the HE PICKS theme! I meant to do a FRIENDS CHOICE theme for the OMD2 Challenge but we had so many good options I guess it slipped my mind and didn't make the cut! :(

    1. Me too! My boyfriend seems to enjoy it too - he likes to pick colors he's gotten me and I've never worn or pick awful combinations! That would be an awesome prompt for a future challenge though - I've definitely never seen it as part of a challenge! :)


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