Saturday, July 12, 2014

Bear Pawlish - She's a Fish Killer!

I have to start by saying, this is by far one of my favorite polishes of all time.  I'm also typically not a big fan of red nail polish - it tends to make my pale skin look even pastier!  But holy cow, this red.  I don't even have words, and if you have $10 - go, get it now!

She's a Fish Killer! is described as a garnet red linear holo, with a purple undertone that is visible in the flashes of holo.  I love this polish because as a January baby, the garnet is my birthstone, and this is my first linear holo polish!  You can definitely see the purple flash in some of my pictures, particularly this one.

Unfortunately, the color accuracy of my photos has varied once I uploaded them in Blogger.  The first and third images are the most color accurate.  The macro shot is really over saturated, but it shows how gorgeous the holo is in this polish, so I had to include it.  For the more color accurate shots, I recommend checking out my album on Facebook.

If you're interested in purchasing She's a Fish Killer! it is currently available in the Bear Pawlish Big Cartel Shop.  Be sure to follow Bear Pawlish on Facebook as well, to keep up to date on restocks and new polishes coming soon to the shop!  I love this polish, and will definitely be purchasing more from Bear Pawlish in the future!  Have a great weekend!



  1. This looks amazing on you. I love the polish name ;)
    I'm one of those gals that struggles with red too but this is seriously gorgeous x


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