Wednesday, August 27, 2014

FingerFood's Theme Buffet Week 34 - Inspired by Music

Hello!  I am finally back!  It will likely be a slow transition back into blogging, but we successfully moved into our own place and finally have internet!  I plan to keep up with the FingerFood Theme Buffet prompts and since this weekend is the first Gator game of the season I'll be starting my annual orange and blue mani series.  But onto the mani!

As soon as I saw the inspired by music prompt, I knew I wanted to do an album cover from my favorite band, Muse.  Unfortunately, due to the move I am slowly but surely unpacking everything and finding all my nail art accoutrements, so this mani is a little rougher than I would've liked.  This mani is inspired by the Origin of Symmetry album.

For this mani I used China Glaze White on White and China Glaze Sun Worshiper.  I then used a black striper polish for the details. This is definitely not my best work, but it was just so relaxing to get back in the game and be able to do some nail art.  My nails were seriously naked for two weeks!  As you can see I've had several breaks, so now I'm back down to shorties.  They were nubs, but fortunately, they have grown some since the initial breaks - with the help of my Bliss Kiss cuticle oil!


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

FingerFood's Theme Buffet Week 32 - Vacation Nails

Hello!  I will go ahead and own up to this up front...I stretched this week's prompt a bit...  Because I've been busy packing for our big move this weekend, I didn't have a lot of time to brainstorm a decent idea, or the time to execute it anyway.  I decided to come up with a design that was fun and bright that I would wear if I was going on vacation.  So this mani was born!

Even though the summer weather will stick around here in Florida until October, knowing that the college football season will be starting in a little over two weeks means that fall is here to me!  In the summer, I like to wear bright colors.  When Zoya offered the Freedom Trio (only pay shipping) promotion in late June, one of the polishes I selected was Rocha, from the Summer Tickled collection.

Zoya describes Rocha as a folly red creme with warm undertones.  In several swatches I saw, the polish appeared to have a coral hue to it as well.  In person, it is much less coral, and very much red.  I could likely do a comparison post, but I compared it to Sinful Colors Energetic Red, a cool red-orange, and you could definitely tell that Energetic Red was red and Rocha was orange.

For this mani, I decided to pair Rocha with white and do a gradient dotticure.  Rocha was an easy two coater, as was the unnamed LA Colors white polish I used.  Once dry, I topped everything with a coat of Seche Vite and added the dots using the small end of my dotting tool and Rocha.  I then waited a REALLY long time to give the dots plenty of time to dry before adding topcoat, so that I didn't smear them.  I was successful on this hand, but not quite so much on my right hand.

Also, my apologies for the cat hair on my middle finger in all the pictures.  I did not even see it until I began editing the pictures.  Overall, this is a super cute, summery mani that I would certainly wear on vacation, that I got tons of compliments on at work.  You likely won't hear from me again this week, but I'm hoping to be back next week with the Science and Technology prompt!


Monday, August 11, 2014

Sephora Formula X - Lightning

Hello!  I actually meant to have this post up on Friday.  However, my cat decided to turn into a demon, and not allow my boyfriend to put her in her carrier to go to the vet.  So, I had to leave work early to try and coax her into her carrier.  Several battle scars later, I got her in the carrier, we went to the vet, got her rabies shot, and made it back home in mostly one piece.  Though she did take out some of her anger on the tech giving her the shot...

Also, I have some other news to share on the blog - I'm moving!  We have been living with my in-laws for the last year and are finally moving into our own place again.  I have been feverishly packing last weekend, which will continue this week since we are moving this Friday.  I'm hoping to stay on pace with the FingerFood challenge, but I may not have any additional posts this week or next week until we get settled in.  And now, onto the nails!

Is this not a gorgeous polish?  In case you haven't seen the Superwatts collection from Sephora's Formula X brand, you seriously need to check them out.  I'm so glad to have Lightning, but I also need Outburst and Voltage as well.  The Superwatts polishes are jellies with TONS of holographic gold glitter in them.

My boyfriend picked this polish up for me for Christmas.  Since I'm a meteorologist, he aptly picked out Lightning and Thunder.  I love how bold this polish is.  I got a ton of compliments on it while I wore it.  I was afraid that it would make me look sickly having such a bright green on my nails next to my pasty whiteness, but it didn't!  The formula was also exceptional, considering the sheer quantity of glitter in this polish. 

As can be seen in the photos there is some tip wear.  This was after two days, and I believe the Seche Vite I used as topcoat caused some shrinkage, which encouraged the tip wear.  It certainly wasn't as noticeable in real life as it is in these photos.  This mani is super sparkly in the sunlight, but as with all glitter polishes, it was a pain to get off.  If I remember correctly, this was three coats to build up to this opacity, though there is still some VNL.  These polishes are certainly on the expensive side, and I likely wouldn't have purchased them for myself because of that, but I seriously have nothing else in my collection like this polish.  I highly recommend them!


Thursday, August 7, 2014

NailNation 3000 - Hollywood Nights

Ok let me start with this - this polish immediately made me start singing Bob Seger as soon as I read the name.  And every subsequent time I see the name I start singing it again.  It may seem like I'm dating myself, but I'm only 25 and just have an appreciation for old music!  And my boyfriend hates Bob Seger, so an even better reason to constantly sing this song. ;)

In case you didn't read the title, the polish I'm talking about is Hollywood Nights by NailNation 3000.  This is another one of the polishes I received from Sara of My Life in Polish.  Hollywood Nights was a polish released exclusively to a local beauty store in Arizona, where Maria (the creator of NN3000) lives.  Sara also happens to live in the same area and was able to pick up this exclusive polish to be included in her giveaway.  Thank you for including such a unique and beautiful polish!

Hollywood Nights is a blue holographic polish.  In many lights it looks navy, but in sunlight and direct light it appears a bright-tealish blue, as is seen in these photos.  It has a few larger glitters interspersed throughout the polish, but they are rarely seen.  The only photo that it's really obvious that you can see them is at the base of the thumb nail in the macro shot.

This is an absolutely beautiful polish, with amazing formula that was opaque in two coats.  The first coat is a bit streaky, but it builds up fabulously by the second coat, for a flawless finish.  I definitely need to invest in some additional NailNation 3000 polishes - she creates some of the most beautiful holos out there!  Here is a link to Maria's store and Facebook page in case you're interested!


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

FingerFood's Theme Buffet Week 31 - Retro

Hello! This week's prompt for FingerFood's Theme Buffet is retro.  When scouring the Pinterest boards for inspirational fabric for this prompt a few weeks ago, I came across a print which definitely fit the retro theme.  Unfortunately, I forgot to pin the item, and saved the picture directly to my phone.  But luckily, thanks to Google Image Search (thanks Catfish for teaching me about this!), I was able to find the pin, so I could give credit!  Here is a link to the pin, and the photo is also pictured below.

For this mani, I started with a base of Sephora by OPI Break a Leg Warmer! on each nail. Once that was dry, I used a white Milani striper polish to create the vertical lines down each nail.  I then went back and added white dots along each nail using the large end of my dotting tool.  Once dry, I went back and added grey and yellow dots on top of the white dots using Break a Leg Warmer! and LA Colors Shock.


I wanted the yellow of Shock to pop, and not overpower the overall subdued color palette of the mani, so I spread the design out across all four nails, instead of having two yellow dots on each nail.  Overall, I really like this mani, and love the fact that it was so easy to do.  While I didn't have a lighter shade of gray, like the original image shows, I still like the end result of this mani.  Be sure to check out everyone else's retro manis below!


Friday, August 1, 2014

Rica - Bottled Unicorn Fart

Today I have another polish from My Life in Polish's giveaway I won a few weeks ago!  This is Rica Bottled Unicorn Fart!  What a great name!  Seriously, how can you not read or say that name and not giggle!

This polish is made up of neon pink, yellow, and blue matte glitters in a clear base.  I love the speckled look this glitter topper gives the polishes it is layered over.  Here, I layered it over two coats of Sinful Colors Sail La Vie, but check out Sara's layering combos, in her review here.  This polish is very diverse and looks great over lots of colors.  Another sure bet would be layering it over white - then the neon shades would be sure to pop!

I wore this mani when we went to the springs a few weeks ago.  I wanted something eye-catching, but wasn't feeling full-fledged neon.  Especially considering most of my neons are of the pink or purple variety.  In the sun this mani was super gorgeous!

Application was flawless - what you see is only one coat.  I did do a bit of dabbing on a few nails just to keep the glitter from consolidating in one area, but over all, this is primarily as is off the brush!  I love a glitter topper that isn't a complete pain to apply.  I am so glad I received this polish, and can't wait to use it in more manis!  And check out that macro!

Good news - if you would like your own bottle of Bottled Unicorn Fart, it is currently available in Rica's store!  So if you love neon glitter with an awesome name, be sure to pick it up!  Have a great weekend!

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