Friday, August 1, 2014

Rica - Bottled Unicorn Fart

Today I have another polish from My Life in Polish's giveaway I won a few weeks ago!  This is Rica Bottled Unicorn Fart!  What a great name!  Seriously, how can you not read or say that name and not giggle!

This polish is made up of neon pink, yellow, and blue matte glitters in a clear base.  I love the speckled look this glitter topper gives the polishes it is layered over.  Here, I layered it over two coats of Sinful Colors Sail La Vie, but check out Sara's layering combos, in her review here.  This polish is very diverse and looks great over lots of colors.  Another sure bet would be layering it over white - then the neon shades would be sure to pop!

I wore this mani when we went to the springs a few weeks ago.  I wanted something eye-catching, but wasn't feeling full-fledged neon.  Especially considering most of my neons are of the pink or purple variety.  In the sun this mani was super gorgeous!

Application was flawless - what you see is only one coat.  I did do a bit of dabbing on a few nails just to keep the glitter from consolidating in one area, but over all, this is primarily as is off the brush!  I love a glitter topper that isn't a complete pain to apply.  I am so glad I received this polish, and can't wait to use it in more manis!  And check out that macro!

Good news - if you would like your own bottle of Bottled Unicorn Fart, it is currently available in Rica's store!  So if you love neon glitter with an awesome name, be sure to pick it up!  Have a great weekend!


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