Monday, August 11, 2014

Sephora Formula X - Lightning

Hello!  I actually meant to have this post up on Friday.  However, my cat decided to turn into a demon, and not allow my boyfriend to put her in her carrier to go to the vet.  So, I had to leave work early to try and coax her into her carrier.  Several battle scars later, I got her in the carrier, we went to the vet, got her rabies shot, and made it back home in mostly one piece.  Though she did take out some of her anger on the tech giving her the shot...

Also, I have some other news to share on the blog - I'm moving!  We have been living with my in-laws for the last year and are finally moving into our own place again.  I have been feverishly packing last weekend, which will continue this week since we are moving this Friday.  I'm hoping to stay on pace with the FingerFood challenge, but I may not have any additional posts this week or next week until we get settled in.  And now, onto the nails!

Is this not a gorgeous polish?  In case you haven't seen the Superwatts collection from Sephora's Formula X brand, you seriously need to check them out.  I'm so glad to have Lightning, but I also need Outburst and Voltage as well.  The Superwatts polishes are jellies with TONS of holographic gold glitter in them.

My boyfriend picked this polish up for me for Christmas.  Since I'm a meteorologist, he aptly picked out Lightning and Thunder.  I love how bold this polish is.  I got a ton of compliments on it while I wore it.  I was afraid that it would make me look sickly having such a bright green on my nails next to my pasty whiteness, but it didn't!  The formula was also exceptional, considering the sheer quantity of glitter in this polish. 

As can be seen in the photos there is some tip wear.  This was after two days, and I believe the Seche Vite I used as topcoat caused some shrinkage, which encouraged the tip wear.  It certainly wasn't as noticeable in real life as it is in these photos.  This mani is super sparkly in the sunlight, but as with all glitter polishes, it was a pain to get off.  If I remember correctly, this was three coats to build up to this opacity, though there is still some VNL.  These polishes are certainly on the expensive side, and I likely wouldn't have purchased them for myself because of that, but I seriously have nothing else in my collection like this polish.  I highly recommend them!



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