Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms - Purple Diamond

Good morning!  Today I have an oldie but a goodie to feature here on the blog: Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Purple Diamond.  According to the research I've done on this line, the Nail Prisms collection was originally released in 2002.  I knew this polish had to be around 10 years old (it's actually 12!), and is from my original collection from when I was in middle/high school.  I casually painted my nails (especially my toenails) throughout my teen years.  Because I tended to buy cheapy nail polish, I've had to retire most of my original shades, but this one is still kicking!

Apparently there are different formulations of some of these holographic shades.  I'm not sure which formulation I have.  I'm not sure if the pigmentation has discolored from sitting unattended for so long, but I feel this shade leans much more grey on me than it does in any of the other swatches I've seen of this polish.

The formula of this polish is still great!  I had to do quite a bit of shaking as there had been a lot of separation, but it still applied like a dream.  My swatches show four thin coats.  I probably could have gotten away with three, but decided to do four for my swatches.

I LOVE this polish, and it was so much fun to look down and see crazy rainbows on my nails.  I don't have many holos in my collection, and I definitely don't have any that rival this polish.  I'm so glad my much younger self picked this up!


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