Thursday, November 6, 2014

Purple Stamping

How do y'all come up with descriptive names for your posts?  When I do nail art for the heck of it, so to speak, (i.e. today's mani), I never know what to all the post.  I used all purple polishes, and I stamped, so Purple Stamping.  Also, this post is very picture heavy - you have been warned!

I am still very much in love with my Born Pretty Store QA88 stamping plate that I reviewed last month, and am determined to do a ton of manis.  I love these abstract collage style plates - it leaves so much of the creative process up to you.  And you don't have to worry if your stamp is crooked, because it could just be part of the design!

For this mani, I started with a base of Revlon Provence.  It is a dusty pastel purple shade that I love.  Even though pastels are typical fall shades, I am loving this muted pastel shade right now.  Then using QA88 I stamped using Maybelline Color Show Flash of Purple.  Super simple!  Now that I have a stamping plate I love, I am really practicing my stamping and can already see an improvement.

After wearing this mani for a day, I decided to matte it.  I also considered adding China Glaze Fairy Dust, but decided to stick with just mattifying.  I used NYC Matte Me Crazy, my favorite matte topcoat.

Overall, I absolutely love this mani!  It's very me.  I also love simple manis to create and exploring with stamping and finding which of my polishes will stamp and which do not.  This shimmery purple was perfect to stamp with and of course is even more gorgeous with the matte top coat.  We're almost to the weekend!



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