Monday, December 29, 2014

Candy Cane Nail Art

I am bringing you my first blog post from my new computer!  My boyfriend got me a new Chromebook for Christmas!  I am still working on getting used to the change from Windows, but so far so good!  I even edited all the photos in this post using some of the apps on the Chromebook.  I will be experimenting over the next few posts to decide what works for me.  It's just nice to not have the email half of my pics to my phone to edit!

Today's nail art is my Christmas day mani!  I decided to try my hand at peppermint/candy cane nails.  I decided not to do a specific pattern on each nail, and used a combination of striping tape and nail vinyls from Nails Redesigned.  Which, my boyfriend so kindly ordered me more nail vinyls for Christmas!

I started with a base of China Glaze White on White.  I then applied the nail vinyls and striping tape, and applied NYC Broadway Burgundy, which is a red jelly polish with red shimmer.  I then removed the nail vinyls and applied topcoat.  I received tons of compliments from family on my candy cane nails.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!  I go back to work on Friday, so I have a few more days of freedom!   I'm hoping to have at least one post up during that time, or at least start preparing some material for 2015!  I also want to apologize for not posting much on Instagram.  I recently updated the app on my phone and now I can't seem to get pictures to post - so hopefully I can get that remedied soon!  If I don't make it back on here before the new year, I wish everyone a happy and safe New Year!



  1. Broadway Burgundy is so beautiful and sparkly!

    1. I agree! It almost always ends up in a Christmas mani every year!

  2. Pretty! And yay for your new computer!! :) I can't believe that I've never tried to do candy cane nails before, yours are inspiring me to give them a try (even though the season is over).

    1. Thanks Katherine! They were a lot easier than I expected, though I wish I had been more consistent in my pattern. I definitely recommend giving them a try - you could always do non-traditional candy cane colors! :)

  3. Love Candy Cane nails! And the red you used was so sparkly! Love it!
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