Friday, December 5, 2014

Florida Gator Nails - UF vs. Florida State

Alas, today's mani is my final of the year.  Last Saturday was the last game of the regular season, against FSU.  We did qualify for a bowl game (we won't know which one for a few weeks), but that game likely won't be until New Years Day, so the mani won't probably be posted until 2015.  Which, by the way, I can't believe there is only a few weeks left in 2014!  But onto the nails!

I again used nail vinyls from Nails Redesigned and China Glaze I Sea the Point and Stoked to be Soaked for these nails.  I really need to pick up back ups of these two polishes because they are the perfect shade of Gator Orange and Gator Blue.  They are both getting a little thick in consistency, which is why my tips look like crap and some of the lines of the vinyls are not perfect, because I simply had too much polish on the nail.

Overall, this is was a lot easier to do than I anticipated.  I started with a base of Stoked to be Soaked and then applied the nail vinyls to all nails.  I then painted each nail one at a time and peeled the vinyls off.  When it was dry, I top coated, and voila!  This is the first time I've done more than one vinyl on the nail at a time.  I was worried about not being able to line them up correctly, but I don't think I did too bad of a job.

I really need to order more nail vinyls!  I've used up almost all that I ordered from Nails Redesigned back in September.  I love these vinyls and how you can create super easier nail art in no time, as well, as such a variety of designs depending on the number of vinyls you use and your placement.

All in all, the game didn't go horribly.  We played relatively well the first half, but not as well the second half.  I think it was the quantity of mistakes FSU made that allowed us to stay in the game.  We hired our new head coach yesterday, so hopefully better things will come next season.  As always, Go Gators!



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