Monday, January 19, 2015

Azature Eucalyptus Diamond and Wine Diamond

I was originally going to save this post for tomorrow, but I have more down time today than I anticipated, so here I am!  Today, I have two more Azature polishes to show you, Eucalyptus Diamond and Wine Diamond.  You can see swatches of Blue Diamond and Platinum Diamond in this post from earlier this month.  My boyfriend got me five Azature polishes for Christmas.  The remaining polish, Midnight Diamond, will be used on the blog later this week.  Unlike the other Azatures I received, Midnight Diamond is a creme polish.

First up is Eucalyptus Diamond.  My boyfriend picked this one out because it matched my "ugly shirt."  I have a shirt that is about this color that has a black mesh overlay, which he hates - but I love it so I keep wearing it.  Eucalyptus Diamond had a great formula, and was nearly a one-coater.

Next up is Wine Diamond.  In real life, this polish is beautiful; my pictures don't do it justice.  It has the same formula as Blue Diamond, and went on effortlessly.  This polish is super sparkly and beautiful.

Overall, these polishes are gorgeous and I am so glad my boyfriend picked them out for me.  I everyone who has they day off today is having a nice long weekend, and I am looking forward to a short week when I go back to work tomorrow!



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