Thursday, February 5, 2015

Born Pretty Store Purple Holo

Hello!  I apologize for going MIA this week!  I was busy last weekend celebrating my 26th birthday and did not get anything nail-related accomplished.  The first part of this week at work has been crazy, and I've been exhausted when I get home.  My nails were even naked Sunday-Tuesday!  Luckily, I'm getting back in the game now!  Today's polish, is a purple holo from Born Pretty Store, is a belated-Christmas gift.  I will share more of that story at the end of the post.

This polish is absolutely stunning.  It's definitely one of the top five holos that I own.  Not that I have that many, but its still beautiful!  Shown is three coats.  The first coat went on pretty sheer, but after that the opacity built up nicely.  I seriously have no complaints about this polish.

So here is the story behind this boyfriend ordered it for me in early November.  About two weeks before Christmas we got the final notice in the mail that the package had been undeliverable, and it was dated a week earlier.  This was also the ONLY notice we received.  By the time he got the notice and called the post office they said it had probably already departed the country on the way back to Singapore.  He contacted BPS, who basically didn't want to refund his money until they received the item back.  He ended up showing me what he ordered since we assumed we were never going to get it.  Two weeks ago we received another notice in the mail that we had a package waiting for pick up at the post office.  And what do you know, it was this polish!  We FINALLY got it over two months after it was ordered.  I'm not sure what the deal was between BPS and/or our post office, but at least we finally received the item since he never got a refund!  I've also received items in the mail from BPS before and had no problems, so we have no idea what happened.

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