Thursday, April 16, 2015

Sponging Gradient using Azature Diamond Polishes

Happy Thursday!  Even though it isn't Friday, I'm super excited it's Thursday, because that means tomorrow is Friday...and then the weekend!  I feel like this week has taken forever!  Though once I get to Thursday (or even home from work Wednesday night), I'm in the homestretch.  My UberChic plates came earlier this week and I have had some fun playing with them and can't wait to show you some manis I have created!

Today's mani uses three of the Azature polishes my boyfriend got me for Christmas: Platinum Diamond, Wine Diamond, and Blue Diamond.  I have seen so many multi-color gradients where you just haphazardly put the color on the cosmetic sponge and then apply it to the nail so that everything blends, and I thought using these three sparkly polishes would be a great opportunity to try out the technique.

As you can see, after two sponged-on layers it isn't quite opaque, but it was not nearly as obvious in real life.  I do like how Blue and Wine Diamond blended together to create a purple shade on several of the nails.  This mani didn't turn out exactly how I expected, but I still liked the end result and it was super sparkly in the sun.  I hope everyone has a great weekend - we are hopefully going to the beach on Saturday!


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