Friday, September 4, 2015

#WNAC2015 - Stained Glass Nails

Happy Friday!  I'm excited for this weekend since it is the start of the college football season!  I will share my first installment of Gator Nails for the 2015 season on Instagram tomorrow, but look out for the post next week.  Today I have this week's prompt for #WNAC2015 - stained glass nails!  For September we're using jewel tones for our manis, so I thought what better polishes to use than my Azatures!

I started with a base of Azature Wine Diamond on each nail.  I then made my first stamping decals using the reverse stamping technique!  Let me tell you, it's a lot more difficult than those quick videos on Instagram make it seem!  To create my decals I used an image from BP-L-003 and Sinful Colors Black on Black.  I then filled in the pattern using Azature Blue Diamond and Platinum Diamond.  Once dry, I topcoated the design using Seche Vite and carefully picked it up and placed it on the nail.

It took forever for the polish to dry on the stamper head, so I can definitely see where having multiple stamper heads or one of those fancy mats from UberChic would come in handy!  It is also a pain to do all that cleanup since the decal was larger than my nail.  Next time I think I will trim the decal using scissors before applying it (or immediately after applying it to the nail).

Overall, I really love how this turned out!  Especially considering it is my first time making decals.  These Azature colors are also beautiful and I'm glad my boyfriend gave them to me for Christmas last year!  I hope everyone has a great Labor Day Weekend!


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