Thursday, November 19, 2015

Florida Gator Nails - UF vs. South Carolina

Hello!  I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday - this has been an extremely long week!  Today I have my Gator Nails from last weekend, when the Gators faced off against the South Carolina Gamecocks.  For this mani, I started with a base of Parallax Polish Bryant, which I reviewed here.  I then used single chevron nail vinyls on each nail to paint a layer of China Glaze Stoked to Be Soaked and then sprinkled orange glitter on top.

I have to say this mani was a mess to make!  Even though I tried to contain the glitter to just my nails and my workspace, I got glitter everywhere.  I am still finding orange glitter on my face occasionally.  These photos really don't do this mani justice - it was crazy sparkly in the sun and I received several compliments while wearing it.

Overall, it was a pretty good game.  We missed most of while attending a cousin's soccer game, but the Gators won 24-14.  This week we play FAU and my fiance and I will be going.  It's out of the ordinary for us to attend so few football games - this will only be my third this season and my fiance's second!



  1. This manicure is lovely. I can imagine the mess the glitter must have made! It seems I always make a mess while doing my nails.


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