Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Twinsie Tuesday - Studs or Embellishments

Happy Tuesday!  The Twinsies are back today with studs and embellishments.  I'm not really one for adding 3D elements to my nails, since some of my nails are very curved and I have trouble having things lay flat on my nails.  The triangle shaped studs I used in this mani I received as an add on in my December Julep box, which was actually the first one I had received in two years!

So...I will start by saying I am not fond with how this turned out.  In my head it looked a lot better.  I started with a base of OPI My Vampire is Buff.  I then sponged Zoya Teigen on each nail.  I then added silver studs on each nail.  I actually really like these studs because they are so thin.  Most of the other studs I've tried (not that I've tried many) have been raised and catch on everything.

Moral of the story, I love the studs, hate the base I came up with.  Teigen is such a pretty polish, but I am definitely not doing it justice here.  Be sure to check out what the other Twinsies came up with for this prompt!

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  1. Those triangle studs look great. I don't think I own those in my collection of nail art decorations.

  2. I really like the base actually! The triangle studs are fun too :)

  3. Nice triangle studs (he he ... I used them in my TT mani too :) )

    1. Haha, indeed we did use the same ones!


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