Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Twinsie Tuesday: Monochrome

Happy Tuesday!  This week the Twinsies are doing monochrome nail art!  I have been trying to go through my collection to find polishes I've either never used or haven't used in a long time to try and incorporate into manis and then decide if I want to keep them.  The base polish, Finger Paints Crystal Springs, is an untried that I pulled from the depths.  To be honest, I don't even remember when I bought this polish!

Crystal Springs is made up of pastel blue and green micro glitter and holographic shards in a clear base.  Each nail has two coats if Crystal Springs.  While not fully opaque, I liked the look with a bit of bare nail peaking through.  I then stamped using BP-L-006 and pastel blue stamping polish, both from Born Pretty Store.

Overall, I really like how this turned out!  It was fun and something a little different from my norm.  Be sure to check out the other monochromatic the Twinsies came up with!



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