Thursday, June 9, 2016

Native War Paints - Cardigan Sweater and Sweater Dress

Well, today's post has been a long time coming.  Right before Christmas, Native War Paints had a huge sale and so my "Christmas gift to myself" was five polishes from the indie brand.  I had been lusting after their Sweater Collection polishes with their strong gold shimmer, and finally took the plunge to try them out.  I actually swatched all of these polishes back in January, but due to extenuating circumstances, they are just making it to the blog now!

I ended up picking up five polishes in total, which I will be breaking out across a couple posts.  Today, I have the two purples Sweater Dress and Cardigan Sweater.  Sweater Dress is from the original Cozy Sweaters collection and Cardigan Sweater is from the Holiday Sweaters collection.  Both are still available on Native War Paints website!

Cardigan Sweater

Both polishes have a thicker formula and dry to a satin finish.  Sweater Dress is a much more blue-toned purple, while Cardigan Sweater is a rich, red-toned purple.  From the swatches on their website, I expected these two to be similar, but in my swatches, they are quite different - which is good!  Even though these two polishes are from two different collections, I wanted to show them together so that you can see the differences, having them side by side.

Sweater Dress

Between the two, I think Cardigan Sweater is my favorite.  Native War Paints makes truly beautiful polish, and I wish I could afford to purchase everything they produce!  Just check out those pastel neons!  I hope everyone has a good weekend, and I will hopefully be back next week with the other three NWP polishes I purchased.



  1. Both of them look great. I like the golden glow they both have too.

    1. Thanks Lisa - they are beautiful in person!


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