Thursday, June 23, 2016

Native War Paints - Ugly Sweater Party and Cashmere Sweater

As you may have seen a few weeks ago, I posted the first two of five Native War Paints polishes I purchased during a sale at the end of 2015 - Cardigan Sweater and Sweater Dress.  I grouped those two polishes together since they are both purple.  In today's post, I have Ugly Sweater Party (pink) and Cashmere Sweater (orange).  Both of these polishes are still available on the Native War Paints website.

Both polishes have a thicker formula and dry to a satin finish.  When I purchased them, I thought Cashmere Sweater would be more pink/peach instead of orange.  Since I've found that these polishes look very different in person, I think it's helpful to show a variety of swatches of a given polish.  While I still love both of these polishes, Cashmere Sweater is definitely not the color I thought it would be.

On the NWP website Ugly Sweater Party is described as a vibrant pink polish filled with beautiful gold shimmer.  Cashmere Sweater is described as a berry pink polish filled with gold shimmer.  In  my pictures, you can definitely see the gold shimmer in each polish, but Cashmere Sweater leans much more to a burnt orange shade.

Ugly Sweater Party is definitely my favorite of the two shades.  I'm a sucker for pink polishes with gold shimmer, and USP fits the bill, and it definitely is NOT ugly!  I will hopefully be back next week with the final NWP polish I purchased - My Favorite Sweater HDF.  You have seen this one on the blog before here, here, and here.  Have a great weekend!



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    1. Thanks - I think so too! I was just surprised at how orange Cashmere Sweater was!


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