Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Polish Comparison: Pure Ice, Sally Hansen, and Julep

This post is several weeks coming!  I actually wore all three of these polishes over the course of a week back in June, and while I didn't do a true wear-test for each, I did wear each of them for two days.  I'm not sure if it's my body chemistry, or the nature of the base and topcoat combo I use (currently Pure Ice basecoat, Seche Vite topcoat), but polish usually pops off as a whole nail after approximately two days of wear.  The photos you will see in this post were taken during the first day of wear.

As I have mentioned before, I am slowly but surely going through my polish to collection to see if I have any possible dupes, or similar polishes that can be weeded out.  While you will see that none of the polishes featured in this post are dupes, I believe I will be retiring at least one of them from my collection.

First up, is Sally Hansen Miracle Gel - Hunger Flames.  I received this polish as a Christmas gift a year or two ago from my mom.  It has appeared on the blog once before in this dry brush mani.  Hunger Flames has a slightly metallic finish and is nearly opaque in one coat.  This polish applied smoothly.

Next up, is Julep Katie.  I received Katie in my December 2015 Julep Maven box (I think!).  I have worn this polish once before, though it didn't made it to the blog.  This polish is what inspired this post, because I knew I had other similar shades of purple in my collection.  Katie goes on a bit patchy in the first coat, but smooths out for the second coat.  Katie is a red-toned purple with pink and blue microshimmer.

Finally, the odd-ball of the bunch, Pure Ice Jamaica Me Crazy.  Jamaica Me Crazy has appeared on the blog twice before, in 2015 and 2013 - which goes to show you how long I've had this polish!  This polish is also a bit patchy upon application, and takes three coats to be fully opaque.  This shade is much more magenta and red-toned with a strong blue shimmer.

In this final picture, you can see Katie on my index and pinkie fingers, Hunger Flames on my middle finger, and Jamaica Me Crazy on my ring finger.  Even though none of these polishes are true dupes, it's nice to see how similar shades in my collection compare to each other.  At this time I think Jamaica Me Crazy will be retired.  While it does have a strong, and unique blue shimmer, it just isn't a polish I reach for.  I can definitely see myself wearing Katie (it's on my toes now!) and Hunger Flames.  With it's metallic finish, Hunger Flames could also work as a stamping polish, which I will have to test out next.  I have several other Miracle Gel polishes with a similar finish, so I will have to make that another post.

Let me know if you enjoyed this comparison post and perhaps I will continue this as a feature in the future!



  1. Very helpful to see this comparison!

  2. I like that the glittery sheen unifies all three of these polishes, despite the slight color variations. I would have assumed Katie and Hunger Flames were the same color looking at the bottles, but now I see the slight difference and prefer the Katie. It's like Pantone's Radiant Orchid color in a nail polish!

    <3 Liz

    1. That's so true - I didn't even think about that they were all Radiant Orchid shades! I wish I had included that somewhere in this post! Katie is definitely my favorite of the three as well.


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