Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Twinsie Tuesday: Share Your Polish Collection

Hello!  Today the Twinsies are back with a different kind of post - we're sharing our nail polish collection with you!  For those not aware, my stash list can be found at the top of the page, or at this link.  I love seeing how other polish addicts organize their collections, so I'm excited to finally share this with you!  I know I don't have the most organized system, but it works for me.

Per my stash list, I currently have 492 polishes, though there may be a few that haven't made it to the list yet...so let's just call it 500 😉.  I currently organize my polishes by brand, though I occasionally think I should switch it up and sort by color, but that's a task I'm not prepared to take on at this time.  All my polishes are in plastic boxes from Target.  We purchased a bunch on clearance several years ago (hence the pink and green lids), but you can buy them in white here.  I use sticky notes to label each box, as it is simple and as my collection has grown, I can easily write on a new sticky note which brands are in each box.  The black bookshelf everything is stacked on is also from Target.

A look inside the Zoya box!
On top of the bookshelf I have the sewing chest my grandmother gave me when I was 10 with miscellaneous sewing and other crafting supplies within.  On top of this, I place polishes that I'm currently using or have set out for upcoming manis.  Most of my topcoats and cuticle oils also live here.  Any new purchases also sit here until I can add them to the stash list.  In the background, I have a photo collage my fiance made me for Valentine's Day 2016 with pictures we took while on vacation in 2015.

Hanging on the wall above is a spice rack I found at Hobby Lobby.  In the spice rack I hold all of my favorite polishes and others that I use regularly.  I have some of my favorite indies including Native War Paints, Zombie Claw Polish, and Jindie Nails, as well as my favorite Orlys and Zoyas.  I also have the piece de resistance, Christian Louboutin Rouge Red.  Also on the shelf are the polishes I use my Gator nails, and prospective polishes for my wedding.  Finally, on the bottom row, I have my other Valentine's Day gift, the polishes my fiance made me.  Of course the glitters have bled, but they're too cute not to keep (he even named them)!  He's also going to kill me if he ever reads this.

The sideways boxes and several of the other boxes on the bottom shelf are all nail art supplies.  My most often used nail art supplies are in the blue shoebox on the top shelf.  Next to the bookshelf is the blue organizer which has some nail art accoutrements and other beauty supplies (curling irons, etc.).  The white organizer on top holds all of my makeup.  I have my camera in its case also on top for easy access.  On top of the white organizer is a box for polishes that need to be filed back into their appropriate boxes.  The basket is mostly a catch all, but the cup inside of the basic holds my makeup brushes.

As far as the other decor, my in-laws threw me a surprise party for my birthday a few years ago and the lanterns were part of the decor (I later moved them to my nail polish corner).  The crown atop the larger lantern I had to wear at said birthday party.  Right next to the bookshelf is the desk, where I occasionally do nail art.  For the most part I sit on the couch or at the dining room table, but I will sit at the desk from time to time.  You're seeing it in its most common use: the kitty hangout spot.  The tabby on the left is Addy and the siamese on the right Curie.  And in regards to the bloody hands in the window, we still had our Halloween decorations up when I took the pictures for this post.

So now you've seen the tour of my fairly unorganized organization.  At least I can find things 90% of the time!  Not pictured is my box of acrylic paints and another box of nail art supplies that pretty much live in the dining room.  I hope you've enjoyed the tour of my collection and be sure to check out how the other Twinsies organize their collections!



  1. Really fun to see how you store your polishes and they way you organize them too.

    1. Thanks Lisa! This was a fun post to put together!

  2. That Loubou polish *_*
    I didn't show my nail plates and decals because they are too messy ^_^'

    1. The Loubou was a Christmas gift from my fiance and a complete and total surprise. I had never even expressed to him that I wanted it...because I knew it was WAY too expensive.

      Yeah, my nail art stuff is really unorganized too...

  3. I really like the idea of the spice rack to hold polishes! :) cute cats too BTW!

  4. Holy moly! That's an impressive collection! Since you categorize by brand and obviously know your brands, I wonder if you have any recommendations? I've actually pitched all my polishes with the exception of a single brand: Aila. They're a Nashville based company, and I partnered with them on a post after meeting at a beauty event. The polish seemed to actually strength and lengthen my nails, and their formula doesn't yellow my nails either. I have six colors from them now, and I hardly go a week without donning a polish. I never used to do my nails, so they converted me, to be sure. My nails have never looked before! And while I love them, they have a pretty narrow selection of colors, and no fancy sparkle or anything. Any recommendations for other brands I might like?

    <3 Liz

    1. I highly recommend Zoya. They're my favorite brand and 5-free, which is awesome. They have a large range of beautiful colors from cremes to shimmers and even textured polish. You can typically find them at Ulta, but their website has the best selection. For base and topcoat I recommend Seche Vite (topcoat) and Seche Clear (basecoat). I buy mine at Sally Beauty, but you can occasionally find them at CVS or Walmart.


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