Thursday, December 22, 2016

Born Pretty Store Clear Stamper and Stamping Plate Review

Hello!  Today, I am back today with a lovely stamping manicure, using items I recently received to review from Born Pretty Store.  I started with a base of ILNP Daisy Jane, and then stamped using white stamping polish from Born Pretty Store.  I then finished everything off with matte topcoat from L'Oreal.

For this mani, I used the 5.5 cm Round Nail Art Stamp Template Umbrella Flower stamping plate and the Blue Metallic Nail Art Stamper Clear Jelly Silicone Head Stamper.  The clear stamper also included a cap to keep the stamping head clean and a Born Pretty Store scraper.  The stamper retails for $9.18 (it's currently on sale for $4.59!) and is a really great value.  I love how large and squishy the jelly head is - way easier to stamp on my curved nails than the marshmallow stamper I had been using from another brand.  The curved handle also makes it a lot easier to hold and maneuver.  This was also the first time I've tried a clear stamper, and I'm officially addicted - it seriously makes stamping so much easier!  I can't wait to try it out on more complicated stamping manis.

The umbrella flower stamping plate, which is currently on sale for $1.59, is absolutely beautiful!  I have been looking for a simple lace pattern, and the added bonus of the weather themed images make this meteorological blogger very happy!  This plate is perfectly etched and I had no problems picking up the image.  If you're interested in trying out either of these items or any other nail art supplied from Born Pretty Store, be sure to use my coupon code FVL91 to receive 10% off and shipping is always free!

This combination of Daisy Jane with white stamping is another possible nail art look I'm considering for my wedding nails. While I really love the overall look, I think Daisy Jane may be too purple leaning on my skintone for what I'm looking for.  I will have a full review of Daisy Jane on the blog next week, so keep an eye out.  If I don't make it back to get one more post up, I hope all my readers have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season!



  1. Nice manicure you got here! The review on the clear stamper was helpful to see too.

    1. Thank you Lisa! I am very impressed with the clear stamper!

  2. Beautiful delicate mani! Glad to hear the clear stamper worked for you too! I have a different one from born pretty store but I haven't had much luck with it... Works perfectly for a few random polishes only :(

    1. Thank you Steph! I'm sorry to hear your clear stamper is finicky...I highly recommend this one - no priming and it worked immediately. My only complaint is that a lint remover doesn't work to clean it as well as tape does.


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