Thursday, May 18, 2017

Zombie Claw Polish Victorious Collection - Part II

Hello!  I am finally back today with part two of Zombie Claw Polish's Victorious Collection! Today, I will be sharing swatches of Taste Like Magic, Bubble Disco Queen, and Victorious.

Taste Like Magic is a purple-gray scattered holo.  I love the unconventional color of this polish and the holo finish is absolutely gorgeous.  It is definitely a favorite of mine from the collection.

Next up is Bubble Disco Queen.  In case you are not familiar with the lyrics to this song (which is where all the names come from), the line is "Double Bubble disco queen, headed to the guillotine." I love Panic! because their lyrics are always interesting!  Bubble Disco Queen has more of a shimmer finish but is a gorgeous pastel pink holo.

Finally, I have another favorite from the collection, Victorious!  This polish can be built up to nearly opaque in three coats, as I've shown here, or it can be used as a topper.  Victorious has a shimmery, white base and is packed full of silver and holo glitters.  I look forward to trying it out over various polishes!

Overall, I am extremely pleased with my purchase of this collection.  Unfortunately, as I mentioned in my previous post, these polishes are no longer available, but I highly recommend checking out what else Zombie Claw Polish has available.  I love their cuticle oil and they recently started offering wax melts!


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Subtle Glitter + Stamping Nails

Hello!  Today, I have the mani I created for last week's #AZnailartchallenge prompt: glitter!  While my mani came out a lot more subtle than I had planned, there is still glitter, so it fits the bill!

I started with a base of Zoya Rue, a beautiful mauve-toned nude.  I then added two coats of OPI is made up of blue, pink, and teal metallic glitters in two sizes: small and microglitter.  To finish the mani off, I stamped using Formula X Memorable and UberChic Beauty stamping plate 1-01.  Memorable is a gorgeous dusty blue, which I have previously used in this nail art look from 2014, which is still a favorite of mine! 

While the stamping is a bit sheer, I still really like the overall look of this nail art.  I wish with a prompt like "glitter" I had done something a bit bolder, but I still love how this turned out.  I'm excited for our next prompt - holo!  If you want to join us, be sure to search the #AZnailartchallenge hashtag on Instagram and join us on our bi-weekly prompts!


Thursday, May 11, 2017

Silver and Mint Chevron Skittles

Hello!  I am back today with my contribution to the last #maniswapcircle!  Our prompt this month was mint, and I was charged with recreating a mani by @life_of_agnes.  I love all of Agnes' creative nails, so it has hard to narrow down a favorite.  I ended up choosing this navy and silver skittle mani.

I dug deep in my collection to find a silver polish I had not used in a while, and decided to use Sally Hansen Color Foil Sterling Silver.  I've been making an effort to try and use polishes I don't use often, or haven't used in a long time, so that I can determine if they need to be weeded out or not!  I think Sterling Silver and my other Color Foils are safe for now, even if they do show the ridges of your nails...

Pure Ice Homerun is my favorite mint polish, so I paired it with Sterling Silver and chevron nail vinyls to create my skittle design.  Overall, I am very happy with how this mani turned out!  It's definitely one my more-recent favorites for #maniswapcircle!


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Twinsie Tuesday: Inspired by Toys

Hello!  As I mentioned in last week's post, I apologize for missing the last Twinsie Tuesday prompt!  But I am back today with our manis inspired by toys.  I know one of my favorite things to do as a kid was play with Playdoh, so I decided to recreate the jars on my nails!

For this mani, I started with a base of Ulta Sun-sational.  I then used stamping polish from Born Pretty Store and straight nail vinyls to create the lids on each nail.  I went with the stamping polish because I knew it would be opaque in one coat.  After everything was dry, I went back with red acrylic paint and drew on the outline of the logo.  I don't have a paint brush fine enough (or the skill!) to be able to write "Playdoh" on each nail.

Overall, I am happy with how this turned out.  I think it is fairly obvious what these nails are supposed to be and they were fun to create!  I can't wait to see the other toy-inspired manis from the Twinsies!


Friday, May 5, 2017

Dry Brush Cupcake Nails

Hello!  I apologize for my absence!  As I've mentioned before, I work at the University of Florida, and the end of the semester is our busiest time of year - getting in grades and prepping for the summer and fall terms!  I've gotten lax on posting (and I'm sorry to my fellow Twinsies for missing our prompt last week!), but rest assured, I have plenty of manis to post and catch up on!  Some you've seen on Instagram, such as today's post, and others have not yet been shared!

Today, I have my "food" nails from last week's #AZnailartchallenge prompt.  I don't have too many food stamping images, so I decided to use this stamping plate I received from Born Pretty Store.  There are several adorable cake and cupcake images on this plate.  I had actually considered doing an Andy Warhol inspired mani using the same cupcake image, but decided to go with the dry brush design instead.

I started with a base of Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Game of Chromes.  This has quickly become my new favorite gold polish.  I also find myself reaching for it as a neutral when I'm in between nail art.  the formula is excellent and goes on with two coats.  I then used the following polishes to create the drush brush pattern: Nicole by OPI How Fairy Nice of You! and Tink's in the Pink, and Finger Paints Dye-ing to Know.  I also used Dye-ing to Know to fill in the reverse-stamped cupcake image.

Overall, I love how this mani turned out!  I will hopefully be back with two posts next week and then back on a regular schedule going forward.  Thanks for sticking it out with me!


Thursday, April 13, 2017

Easter Chick "Peep-Inspired" Nails

Today, I have my Easter-inspired nails for the letter E of the #AZNailArtChallenge.  Every year, the Easter bunny would fill my brother and my Easter baskets with goodies and then hide them somewhere in our house.  This was a unique and fun tradition, that I'm sure was instigated by my dad. :)  One of my favorite things in my Easter basket was the Peeps.  (And I mean the traditional yellow chick ones!)  So I decided to use my favorite childhood Easter candy as my inspiration.

For my mani, I started with a base of Rimmel Sherbet Sweetheart from the Sweetie Crush line of textured polishes from a few years ago.  I thought this sparkly textured polish was very reminiscent of the yellow sugar-coated chicks.  To show that these were chick nails, I added eyes and beak to my accent nail.

I hope everyone has a happy Easter weekend!


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Twinsie Tuesday: Inspired by a Movie

Hello!  The Twinsies are back today with nail art inspired by movies.  We've previously done nail art inspired by our favorite movie, in my case, O Brother Where Art Thou?  This time, I had planned on doing nail art based on my second favorite move, The Emperor's New Groove, however I had trouble executing the design I imagined, so I went back to the drawing board.  I ended up deciding on the movie Up as my inspiration.

I purchased Orly Turn It Up on a recent trip to Sally's, and this polish packed full of matte rainbow glitter reminded me of the balloons that carry the house in Up.  For this mani, I started with base of Essie Blanc.  I then added two coats of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Breezy Blue.  I again used Blanc and a small dotting tool to create the clouds on each nail.  I used a black striper polish and then sponged on Turn It Up.

Overall, I think my favorite part of this mani is the clouds.  I don't think I've ever attempted cloud before, and I love how they turned out!  Be sure to check out the other manis from the Twinsies!


Thursday, April 6, 2017

Zombie Claw Polish Victorious Collection - Part I

Hello!  Today I have swatches from Zombie Claw Polish's Victorious Collection!  This collection is inspired by the song "Victorious" by Panic! at the Disco.  I am a huge P!ATD fan (and will be seeing them in concert next weekend!) and knew I had to have this colleciont as soon as it was announced.  Each polish is named for various lyrics within the song, so today I have Champagne Pouring Over Us, Punch Drunk Kiss, and Killer King.

First up is my favorite of the collection, Champagne Pouring Over Us.  This is a taupe colored polish with lots of holo particles and flakies!  I love how much depth the flakies give this polish!  Please ignore the blue smudges on this polish and at my cuticle, I had previously worn a dark blue polish that stained my nails badly, and somehow it was absorbed by the polish...

Next up is Punch Drunk Kiss, another favorite from the collection.  This strawberry colored jelly polish full of holographic particles, resulting in this lovely scattered polish.  This formula by far has the best formula of the three polishes I am showing in today's post.

Finally, I have Killer King.  This polish, like Punch Drunk Kiss, is a jelly polish with a holographic finish.  For me, this polish had a poor formula.  This is three coats, and as you can see the polish was very thin and there is still VNL.  I would like to give this polish another try and see if perhaps there had been some settling, so I will update this post once I do that.  The holo finish is also not as strong as in the other polishes.

Unfortunately, these polishes are no longer available, but Zombie Claw Polish is about to release an awesome looking collection of neons, the "Radioactive Zombies." I will hopefully be back with Part II of this collection soon!

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