Thursday, March 30, 2017

Azature Blue Diamond + Stamping

Hello!  Today, I am back with the letter D for the #AZnailartchallenge - diamonds!  I scoured my stamping plates and unfortunately discovered I did not have a single diamond image.  Since I was trying to recover from my freehand, one-stroke flower disaster, I decided to play it safe and use an Azature polish, since there is supposed to be "a black diamond in every bottle."

I have previously swatched Blue Diamond here on the blog before, so I knew I wanted to add some sort of nail art.  I ended up stamping one of the french tip images from BP-L008 at the cuticle of each nail to mimic a half moon shape, using elf Liquid Metal.

Overall, I really love how this turned out!  The Azature polishes I have really are gorgeous.  If you have the money to drop on them (they're $25 each), I highly recommend trying one out.  The few I have were Christmas gifts from my then-boyfriend, now-husband back in 2014.  Let me know if you have any opinions on the change in lighting in some of my pictures.  I've finally found a decent lighting setup that doesn't require me to use flash in each picture.

Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Twinsie Tuesday: One-Stroke Flowers

Hello!  Today the Twinsies are back with one-stroke flowers.  This is the first time I have ever attempted one stroke flowers.  I watched several tutorials and went to Sally's and picked up the supplies I thought I needed, but I'm still not sure how well I actually executed this nail art.  I like the end result, but I'm not sure they're really one-stroke flowers!

For this mani, I started with a base of Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Game of Chromes.  I love this gold foil and find myself using it as a go-to polish when I don't know what to wear!  It really is beautiful and I get compliments each time I wear it.  For my flowers, I used two shades of acrylic paint, a light pink and a hot pink.  I ended up having to go over each flower multiple times to build up the opacity...the brush I used also didn't really hold up well once it was wet from the polish.  Once dry, I used yellow acrylic paint to fill in the center of each flower.

My hope was to channel gerbera daisies as my inspiration for these flowers...thought I'm not sure how much they look like daisies.  Overall, I do like the end result of this mani, but I definitely don't think they're true "one-stroke" flowers.  Also, as you can see from the last pic, I am trying out some new lightning for my keep in mind my hand poses over the next few posts.


Friday, March 24, 2017

Bridal Shower Nails

Hello!  This post is a long time coming!  I actually did these nails back in November for the bridal shower my co-workers threw for me.  I knew my nail game had to be on point, so I had to do some kind of nail art!

For this mani, I started with a base of Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Gondolier's Garden, which was from the August 2016 Destination Due box by BEGL.  Upon close examination, it appears this box is still available, so I highly recommend picking it up.  The other polish in the box, Aliquid Lacquer Canal Couture, has been featured on the blog before.  I actually considering using Canal Couture for my wedding nails, but ended up going with Julep Carrie Ann.

I then stamped each nail using China Glaze Magical, a rose-gold metallic.  I used BP-L002 for the image.  I tried to get a different design on each nail.  Hope you enjoyed this throwback post!


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Purple Monochromatic Nail Art

Hello!  I am slowly but surely playing catch up on manis I have completed for various challenges but have yet to post!  Today's mani is my "dark purple" design for March's #maniswapcircle, which is in honor of International Women's Day, which was March 8.

For this month's #maniswapcircle, I was charged with recreating a mani by Michelle of @trendynailsandcraftytales.  I ended up deciding on this sideways french manicure design with rhinestone accent nail.  For my mani, I started with a base of Ulta Ultra Violet Femme.  I then stamped using purple stamping polish and plate BP-L008 from Born Pretty Store.

For the accent nail, I used a french tip nail vinyl to mimic the half moon shape of the stamping on the other nail.  I then used Zoya Aurora over the lefthand side, to add the holographic sparkle.  I then added the purple rhinestones to finish off this monochromatic look.

Overall, I wasn't thrilled with this design.  While it did get compliments, Ultra Violet Femme was hard to photograph, so it ended up looking more blue in most of my photos.  I also didn't make the holo portion of the accent nail large enough, so it is hidden by the oversized rhinestones.


Thursday, March 16, 2017

Mint Candy Swirls

Happy Thursday - I am so glad tomorrow is Friday!  Today the #AZnailartchallenge group is sharing candy inspired nails!  I decided to create some mint swirls, reminiscent of peppermint hard candies.

For my mani, I started with a base of Pure Ice Home Run.  I then applied nail stickers from the L'Oreal Nail Lingerie line to create the swirled pattern.  I don't use nail art stickers or decals very often, so I've actually been holding onto these for awhile.  I previously used them back in 2014 to create this fun rainbow lollipop mani.  Since I had used these before, I had to trim some of the decals down to fit my nails.  They are definitely intended to be used on a variety of nail lengths, because even though by my standards my nails are on the long side at the moment, I had to trim mani down so the design would be on my nail.

After I applied the stickers and filed away the excess, I added a coat of Seche Vite to extend the wear time.  This caused a slight wrinkling of the decal, which you can see in the white portion, but I think it kind of ads to the overall effect.

Overall, I am very happy with how these turned out.  Be sure to search the hashtag #AZnailartchallenge on Instagram to check out the other candy inspired manis and join in on the challenge!


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Twinsie Tuesday: Shades of Green

Since Friday is St. Patrick's Day, this week's Twinsie Tuesday theme is shades of green.  My mom's side of the family is Irish, so we've always celebrated by wearing lots of green and eating corned beef and cabbage.  Nowadays, I always make sure to have green nails!

For this mani, I started with a base of OPI Be There in a Prosecco.  I then created a gradient using Be There in a Prosecco, Sally Hansen Limestone, and elf Green Mechine.  I then finished it off with a coat of Seche Vite to fully blend the colors.  I'm always petrified of ruining good nail art, so I took pictures of just the gradient, in case I messed the whole thing up by adding stamping.  Fortunately, I don't think I messed it up this time!

I stamped using China Glaze Magical and BP-L007 from Born Pretty Store.  As of this writing, this plate is on sale for $2.99, so I highly recommend snatching it up if you love damask style designs.  After stamping I finished with the Matte Velvet topcoat from L'Oreal.

I am so pleased with how this turned out!  Be sure to check out more green manis from the other Twinsies!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Pink and Silver Brocade Nails

Hello!  As per usual, my plan of getting back on track blogging in March has already fallen off the rails.  I do have a post for you today...and hopefully two more later this week!

Today, I have the next installment for the #AZNailArtChallenge!  For the letter B our prompt is "brocade."  I often think of brocade and damask as being a similar type of design, so I decided to use the same image from when I did damask nails in 2015.  This image is from stamping plate BP-L007, from Born Pretty Store.

For this mani, I started with a base of Nicole by OPI Tink's in the Pink.  I love this shade of pink and how it looks on my skintone.  I then stamped using elf Liquid Metal, a silver foil polish, which stamped immaculately!  My usual go to silver polish for stamping is Sally Hansen Pumping Iron (seen here and here), but I think I will be reaching for Liquid Metal more often!

I absolutely love this mani, and think it is a great spring mani.


Saturday, March 4, 2017

ILNP Masquerade and Zebra Stripes

Random weekend post!  I was hoping to have this post up earlier this week, but between being busy at work and finishing manis for prompts this just didn't happen until now!

Today's mani is my submission for the letter A in the #aznailartchallenge on Instagram.  The theme for letter A was "animals" so I decided to do some unconventional zebra stripes.  I started with a base of ILNP Masquerade, which is a beautiful duochrome that my pictures do not do justice.  It is still available for purchase on the ILNP website, though I picked it up originally two years ago.  This is two coats of Masquerade over a black base.  I then stamped zebra stripes using black stamping polish and BP-L-006.

Hope you have a good rest of your weekend!

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