Thursday, April 6, 2017

Zombie Claw Polish Victorious Collection - Part I

Hello!  Today I have swatches from Zombie Claw Polish's Victorious Collection!  This collection is inspired by the song "Victorious" by Panic! at the Disco.  I am a huge P!ATD fan (and will be seeing them in concert next weekend!) and knew I had to have this colleciont as soon as it was announced.  Each polish is named for various lyrics within the song, so today I have Champagne Pouring Over Us, Punch Drunk Kiss, and Killer King.

First up is my favorite of the collection, Champagne Pouring Over Us.  This is a taupe colored polish with lots of holo particles and flakies!  I love how much depth the flakies give this polish!  Please ignore the blue smudges on this polish and at my cuticle, I had previously worn a dark blue polish that stained my nails badly, and somehow it was absorbed by the polish...

Next up is Punch Drunk Kiss, another favorite from the collection.  This strawberry colored jelly polish full of holographic particles, resulting in this lovely scattered polish.  This formula by far has the best formula of the three polishes I am showing in today's post.

Finally, I have Killer King.  This polish, like Punch Drunk Kiss, is a jelly polish with a holographic finish.  For me, this polish had a poor formula.  This is three coats, and as you can see the polish was very thin and there is still VNL.  I would like to give this polish another try and see if perhaps there had been some settling, so I will update this post once I do that.  The holo finish is also not as strong as in the other polishes.

Unfortunately, these polishes are no longer available, but Zombie Claw Polish is about to release an awesome looking collection of neons, the "Radioactive Zombies." I will hopefully be back with Part II of this collection soon!



  1. Great swatches. I really like the look of the first two colors in particular.

    1. Thanks Lisa! The first two are definitely my favorites of the collection.


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