Thursday, May 11, 2017

Silver and Mint Chevron Skittles

Hello!  I am back today with my contribution to the last #maniswapcircle!  Our prompt this month was mint, and I was charged with recreating a mani by @life_of_agnes.  I love all of Agnes' creative nails, so it has hard to narrow down a favorite.  I ended up choosing this navy and silver skittle mani.

I dug deep in my collection to find a silver polish I had not used in a while, and decided to use Sally Hansen Color Foil Sterling Silver.  I've been making an effort to try and use polishes I don't use often, or haven't used in a long time, so that I can determine if they need to be weeded out or not!  I think Sterling Silver and my other Color Foils are safe for now, even if they do show the ridges of your nails...

Pure Ice Homerun is my favorite mint polish, so I paired it with Sterling Silver and chevron nail vinyls to create my skittle design.  Overall, I am very happy with how this mani turned out!  It's definitely one my more-recent favorites for #maniswapcircle!



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